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UK Post Study Work Visa PSW UK.

Students are often interested in exploring possibilities for employment within the same country while also pursuing an academic program at one of the top academic destinations like the UK, USA, and Canada. As English provides the benefit of exposure to international markets, opportunities to advance your career are numerous in English-speaking countries. Additionally, if you are planning to move to the country of your choice, you need to apply for a UK work permit to go through a range of applications. This article will explain more about UK Post Study Work Visa, PSW UK or PSWV UK Eligibility, Requirements and other details.


In recent times the UK, considered one of the top three desired nations for international education, is taking various measures to assist students from all backgrounds in staying in the country to find employment opportunities after their studies have been completed successfully. Therefore, we will give you all of the important information regarding the latest UK Post Study Work Visa guidelines and how to apply for them once you have completed your studies in the country.


UK Post Study Work Visa: The New ‘Graduate’ Route

A Post Study Work Visa (PSWV) is a visa for temporary use that provides the perfect opportunity for international students, including Indians, to reside as a student, study, and find employment in their chosen profession or field when they finish their studies. The UK Post Study Work Visa option is available to everyone, including students of Indian origin with been granted immigration status within the UK. This Graduate Route is open to any student in a school that the UK Higher Education Provider has endorsed. This shows that the UK seeks to keep the best students from around the globe and assist them in finding employment opportunities within the UK.


This move of the UK government to change this UK work permit is to make sure that it will make it easier for the UK to become a well-known center in the fields of technology and science,, they are only able to succeed through promoting STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering as well as Mathematics). According to the UK Government’s website, around 50% of students from India studied have taken courses in a STEM-related area in the UK during the last 10 years.


Post Study Work Visa UK Eligibility 

Earlier, students with either a master’s or bachelor’s degree could stay in the UK for up to 4 months to look for jobs. New UK rules permit international students to remain in the UK for up to two years after completing their studies. The UK Government wants qualified and skilled workers who can expand and expand STEM-related professions within their nation (UK). The students who enrolled in 2020 and 2021 can stay for two years in the UK without changing or upgrading their Visas or quitting the country.


UK Post Study Work Visa (PSW UK)



Anyone who is an overseas student on the Tier-4 Visa accepted into a UK higher education course starting September 2020 is eligible for a stay-back time after graduation. This is a Post Study Visa UK. However, international students must find a job with a minimum of about 208,000 pounds to be eligible for the Tier 2 Visa license. Additionally, Ph.D. scholars in the UK are also permitted to extend their stay by twelve months, one year following the graduation of their Ph.D.The new rules permit students who have a post-study visa to look for and apply for any position until they find work that allows them to obtain an overall working visa following the first year following their graduation.


Basic Requirements of UK PSW

You must meet certain requirements for the UK post-study work visa. The  UK PSW requirements are in the following order:

  • It would help if you held a degree from an accredited higher education institution, whether it is an undergraduate diploma or diploma or postgraduate degree. You can also earn a doctoral.
  • Applicants should be financially secure.
  • The visa application must be made within 12 months after completion of the course.
  • It will help if you find the opportunities to work during the 12-month time frame.
  • The students who have not finished their education in the English language will be required to take the IELTS test IELTS, in which students will need to achieve a score in the range of 6.5 for every one of four parts during the exam.
  • You’ll need a good source of funding, as stated as a requirement by UK Government. Government of UK.


UK Visa Interview Questions

UK Visa applicants must pay the appropriate fee to schedule an interview with the UK Embassy/Consulate. Visa interviews are the last step in determining the eligibility of the applicants. This UK Visa interview allows the Visa officer to review the application and verify the information provided in the application by the candidate.

Note: To be qualified to apply for the UK Student Visa or the UK Post Study Visa, applicants must fill out an application form along with all the required documents and be able to pay for the Visa fee, and be present at a Visa interview. Visa interviews are the final stage to determine if an applicant is qualified to receive the Visa.


Expected UK Students Visa Interview questions

  1. Why are you interested in going to the UK?
  2. What will be the duration of your stay in the UK?
  3. What made you choose the UK for your university studies?
  4. Have you been to the UK previously?
  5.  Why do you want to attend thiscollege or university?
  6. Who will cover your costs within the UK?
  7. What subjects have you taken in India?
  8. What are your parents doing?
  9. Do you have any family members or friends from the UK?
  10. Where are you going to be living within the UK?


UK Post Study Work Visa FAQs

1. Does the UK provide Post Study Work Visa?
PSW UK permits international students to remain in the UK for up to 2 years following their graduate study. A UK work permit of 2 years is offered to students studying in the country after September 2020.


2.Who is eligible to apply for PSW within the UK?
This is open to all students who graduated with a UK degree with an active visa on or after the 1st of July 2021. The eligibility criteria aren’t based on the subject or nationality.

3.What are the requirements to obtain a UK Work permit?
To obtain a UK Work Permit, the students must hold a degree from an accredited university, whether a diploma, an undergraduate or postgraduate, or a doctoral degree.

  • It would help if you were financially secure without needing assistance in the form of money.
  • The visa application is due within 12 months after the completion of the program.
  • It is recommended to search for job opportunities within 1 year.
  • If you do not have earned a qualification in the English language will be required to take the IELTS test, where you must be within the band of 6.5 for every one of four elements during the exam.
  • You will require a good funding source outlined by the Government of the UK.

4. How do I apply for this UK post-study work permit?
A PSWV is a temporary visa that provides the chance for students from foreign countries to stay study and work in their chosen position or profession after completing their studies.

We hope this blog post has provided you with the aspects of applying for the UK Post-Study Work Visa. If you’re looking to attend a university in the UK and are interested, you should be aware that the intake for January is close. Contact our experts to assist you in choosing a program and university that aligns with your goals and interests and apply for admission into the UK for the upcoming January intake deadlines.


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