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Are you ready to discover Europe’s exciting, diverse, affordable education options? As the best Europe Education Consultants in Kerala, we help you explore the best study opportunities available for Indian students in Europe. Get ready to take a leap of faith and enjoy the experience of learning in one of the world’s most preferred destinations for students.

Introduction to Studying in Europe

Many students dream of studying in Europe, promising challenging learning environments, vibrant culture, and excellent career opportunities. A student visa to a country in Europe student visa allows them to explore the whole of Europe.

From Greece to Germany, European countries offer something unique to prospective students – and while each country has its rich cultural heritage, they all share one major benefit: high-quality academic programs with world-renowned universities.

Choosing which country to study in can take time and effort. Every student has individual needs and requirements when it comes to studying abroad, so researching thoroughly and ensuring you know all your options is vital before deciding where you want to go.

Students should have an idea about the type of degree the program they’d like to pursue before looking into schools or universities; this way, they can identify which institutions offer prime courses for them without having their list swamped by irrelevant suggestions. In addition, look at scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities for Indian students that are based in Europe – these could drastically reduce how much money you need for tuition fees or afford you additional resources if necessary.

Understanding and mastering another language before pursuing studies abroad will help immensely. Although learning the country’s language is optional for admission to some degree programs, communicating effectively with foreign individuals will be beneficial during your stay abroad!


Studying in Europe boasts many advantages for Indian students, academically and otherwise, making it a desirable destination. For beginners, the quality of higher education in Europe is world-renowned and makes college degrees valuable. The cost of living in many parts of Europe is also more affordable than in other famous study-abroad destinations such as Canada and UK for Indian students.

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Europe is home to an impressive range of academic programs and universities which cater to Indian students. Various specialized technology-focused, science-related, and business studies are offered throughout continental Europe — from degree programs like MBAs, Master’s degrees, or PhDs to short courses. The diverse global student population also means you’ll be able to find excellent cultural exchange opportunities at universities across Europe.

On top of all this, studying in Europe has plenty of other benefits include enjoying historical landmarks, world-famous architecture, and cuisine to learning a new language or gaining insights into European culture through city tours or internships with local companies. Many countries have strong support networks for international students so they can feel at home while they study abroad.



Getting a visa to study in Europe is relatively easy if you are familiar with the admission criteria and visa rules. To receive visa approval, you must provide evidence of having sufficient funds to finance your studies while pursuing your education in Europe. Other documents accompanying an application include proof of accepted admission into an educational institution recognized by the relevant European nation and satisfactory health certificates obtained after undergoing medical tests prescribed by some countries.

Students may also be required to produce evidence of English / other language proficiency and all educational certificates starting from class 10.  You can submit your Visa documents for Europe study visa through VFS Visa Application centre Kochi. To stay updated with any changes regarding visas and immigration requirements when moving abroad for study purposes, you can contact us or any experienced study-in-Europe consultants in Kerala, Kochi, Calicut, Trivandrum and other cities in India.



Studying in Europe is affordable than studying in other popular overseas study destinations of the world.When looking into school fees and scholarships, it’s important to consider your actual living costs. These may be much higher in some European cities than in others and will include housing, food, books, health insurance, and public transport. In some countries like Germany, public university students get discounted travel cards and free education.

Different European countries have different tuition fee structures for local and international students. For example, the average annual tuition fees at universities across Scandinavia are generally less expensive than elsewhere in Europe.

In addition to tuition fees, many European countries also have an apprenticeship system instead of university fees. So if you’re on a tighter budget, you could look into the options like Free Ausbildung programs (Vocational training programs) with a stipend to Indian and other international students.


Regarding tuition costs, the United Kingdom (mainly London), France (especially Paris) and Switzerland are the most expensive countries. The cheapest countries that provide education to international students are located in the eastern parts of Europe, such as Romania, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, apart from Germany, which provides free education.

It’s important to bear in mind that while tuition fees may be cheaper elsewhere, most foreign students will still need to pay for their accommodation as well as things like health insurance, transportation, etc., which can also push up costs significantly!



Students who are looking to study in Europe may want to consider some of the most popular destinations sectioned by country. These countries offer institutions that specialize in areas such as business, engineering and humanities, amongst others.


Study in Germany

With world-renowned institutions such as Berlin University and Berlin Technical University, Germany is a leading study destination for Indian students. Most renowned for engineering courses like Computer science, electrical, mechanical engineering, and business studies and free nursing programs (with stipend), Indian students may also choose from German institutions that offer management studies and technical sciences courses. Students looking for higher education in the field of arts can try for getting admission  at Freie Universitat Berlin or Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Germany is getting more popular among Kerala students as it offers free top-notch education programs at the PG level. Read More about FREE Germany Study Programs.



France has many higher education possibilities for international applicants from India, offering both degrees offered by university faculties called grandes écoles and government-accredited degrees offered by French universities. Popular grandes écoles include Sciences Po – Institut d’études politiques de Paris , École Normale Supérieure (ENS) ,École Polytechnique etc whilst popular degree programs are available at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 , ESSEC Business School etc. Read more about France Study Programs



Italian higher education institutions have plenty when it comes to providing quality education. Indian students may want to consider studying architecture& design courses at IUAV or opt for a degree program in science & engineering at Politecnico di Milano etc. Moreover, Italy offers Medicine courses at nominal fees to foreign students. Send enquiry for Study in Italy details.


Sweden is one of the top countries for Indian students seeking an international, mainly European, education experience. With its top-ranked universities, world-class research opportunities, and cultural diversity, Sweden offers a unique and fulfilling learning experience.

Studying in Sweden provides Indian students with the opportunity to explore a new culture, learn new languages and make lifelong friends from around the world.

Sweden also provides scholarships for Indian students to help them cover their tuition fees and living costs while studying there. With its high living standards and affordable cost of living, it makes sense why more Indian students are choosing to Study in Sweden.



  1. Norway
  2. Poland
  3. Malta 
  4. Spain
  5. Austria
  6. Holland
  7. Finland
  8. Switzerland


The United Kingdom is home to some of the highly prestigious institutions in the world. Oxford University being among the oldest surviving universities still educating intellectuals worldwide today is just one example of these prestigious universities offering undergraduate studies for international applicants from India. Popular UK study programs for Indian students are health science, IT, Medicine, Engineering, business and Law which can be studied at universities such as the London School of Economics (LSE) and Manchester Business School & Royal College of Art. Moreover, UK  is the most preferred study-abroad destination for Kerala students for several years.



Applying to study overseas can be daunting, but rest assured that with the correct information and support system offered by the Europe education consultants in Kerala Kochi, you can make your dream a reality. Preparing an application for any university includes the following essential steps.

  1. Choose Your Courses: Before submitting your application, you must think and research about which courses in detail this means researching universities, institutions, courses and admission requirements in detail. You can contact Europen education consultants in Kochi for assistance.
  2. Collect Documents: Each institution will require additional documents before considering an application, such as official copies of academic transcripts, reference letters, or a statement of purpose describing why you chose this particular university, country, or program.
  3. Evaluate Eligibility: International students must satisfy specific eligibility criteria the educational institution sets before being considered. The most typical criteria include academic grades, experience, and language proficiency depending on the country’s education system, like IELTS / TOEFL/German/French and GRE / GMAT for professional degrees like MBA or MS.
  4. Submit Application: After ensuring all documents necessary for your application are up to date and easily accessible it is time to apply.
  5. Personal Statement: You must write a statement about yourself that concisely explains who you are – what has helped shape your aspirations and ambitions – why you have chosen this particular course and institution – and how it fits with future career prospects.
  6. Monitor Application Status: Upon submission, most universities/institutions provide applicants with an account/dashboard to monitor the status of their applications in real time. For more details, contact your Study in Europe consultants.



  • Heidelberg University
  • ETH Zurich
  • Technical University of Munich
  • LMU Munich
  • Karolinska Institute Sweden
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris
  • Utrecht University
  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • KU Leuven Belgium etc..



When an Indian student decides to pursue higher studies in Europe, financial aid becomes integral to their study abroad plans. Many universities in Europe offer several full-tuition and partial scholarships for international students from different backgrounds, with merit or financial need as the primary criteria. Besides, there are also government and private organizations that provide financial grants which aid students in reducing their expenditures while studying abroad.

Most universities will consider awarding students a scholarship if they demonstrate excellence in their academics or offer to pursue research at the same institute. Students need to have an excellent academic record since universities tend to select applicants based on high standards of excellence. Having a professional resume showing experience and continuous learning could be beneficial for applications involving academic scholarships or sponsored programs.

To apply for such programs, applicants must file necessary documents that feature proof of income from sources such as parents/guardians or sponsors looking after them when financing studies abroad. This should be backed up with other documents such as bank statements indicating sufficient funds or sources of income available for student support during their studies abroad in Europe.

In addition to the grants mentioned above, university-specific grants and scholarships, numerous external organizations offer a variety of fellowships and stipends that help cover tuition fees and other expenses incurred during their stay overseas. You can also check the Government of India’s scholarships for students planning to study abroad from India.

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To make your study abroad transition smoother, there are some practical tips for Indian students that you should consider.

First, whether a foreign language is necessary or not for getting admission, learning the language will be highly beneficial for studying in Europe.

Second, research what the country has to offer you before you move. Knowing where essential services such as banks, supermarkets, restaurants, or libraries are makes settling in much less stressful. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the country’s rules, culture, and customs can ensure that you respect local culture while having fun while studying abroad.

Thirdly, it’s crucial to create and stick to a budget; this will help maintain control of your finances while living away from home. Ensure you understand your spending power and look out for discounts by using student cards provided by the university, like travel cards, stores or organizations around Europe.

Finally, remember one of the most exciting parts of being an international student – travelling! Take advantage of opportunities for short trips around Europe during holidays or weekends; this could be one of the most memorable experiences from your time overseas!



We are the leading Study in Europe consultants in Kerala, assisting students wishing to study in Europe in countries like Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, and Sweden etc. We also offer complete assistance for free study programs in Germany, Nursing and Technical Asubildung programs in Germany with stipends, MDS programs with job assistance for Indian dentists after BDS etc. If you need the support of an experienced Europe Education consultants in Kochi, Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Thrissur, Calicut, Malappuram, Kottayam, Kollam and other cities in Kerala and the rest of India, Please contact us for more details.



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