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Poland is a country that offers world-class education at an affordable price. The country has a great history and culture and a dynamic economy. It also has the lowest tuition fees among all European countries. Poland Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala are an excellent choice if you are looking for someone who can help you with your overseas education in Poland.


About Poland

Poland is a country with a rich and diverse culture. It has many beautiful cities with their own unique charm and history. You can also enjoy Poland’s beautiful nature, making it a suitable place to study and work. There are many benefits of studying in Poland, including affordable education, a safe environment, and friendly people who will help you during your stay there as well as after graduating from college or university program there.


Weather in Poland

Poland is in a moderate climate zone with continental and oceanic influences. The average annual temperature is 6-10 degrees Celsius. Weather in Poland can also be described as being unpredictable and variable. Spring is relatively mild. Summertime can reach 37 degrees Celsius. Although autumn is generally sunny, November can often be very wet and cold.

Winters can get very cold, with snow possible from November to March. Temperatures from December through February typically fluctuate between 0 and -9 degrees Celsius. The snow covers the slopes of the mountains during this period.


Benefits of Studying in Poland

  • Low cost of living.
  • Low tuition fee.
  • Excellent quality of education.
  • Friendly and welcoming people.
  • Good job prospects, especially for those with a strong Polish background or fluency in the language
  • Good social life, with many opportunities for meeting new people, attending parties, etc., even if you don’t want to join them! You can also enjoy your free time at home by watching T.V. or reading a good book!


study in poland consultants in Kerala


Affordable Education

Tuition fees at Polish universities are among the lowest in Europe and even internationally. The average tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree is around 2,000 PLN (approximately $600 USD), which is much lower than the average tuition fees at other European universities:

Safe and friendly country

Poland is a safe country to study in, with good quality of life and friendly people. The country has a rich history, which you will be able to learn more about as an international student.

The country is multicultural, so there are many different types of people living here who all speak other languages and have their own customs. Poland has beautiful cities such as Warsaw and Krakow (former capital city). These cities have lots of cultures and are lively places where you can meet new friends!


Part-Time Work for Students

Part-time work while you study abroad is a great way to bring down your cost of study. The Polish Government rules permit international students to work part time while studying. You don’t require special permission to apply for part-time work. Part-time work is possible for students up to 20 hours per week while they study in Poland. Part-time work is possible for EU students as well as for Indian students. However, you cannot work all year if you don’t have a work permit.

Part-time job opportunities

  • Part-time jobs are available for international students.
  • Part-time jobs are available in the field of your interest.
  • Part-time jobs are also available in another city, country, or area where you may be interested in living and working with people worldwide.


A Rich and free Culture

Poland is a great place to live, work, and study. It’s one of the most affordable countries in Europe. The cost of living in Poland is low and the quality of life high. You’ll have access to free museums, galleries, and events; free public transport; free entry to some of the most beautiful parks in Europe; free language courses; free English language courses; even a chance at finding your soul mate!

You can experience a lot at an affordable cost while studying in Poland.

You can experience a lot at an affordable cost while studying in Poland. You will get a degree in Poland at a fraction of the cost, and you can get your degree even if you don’t speak Polish or other native languages. You may also choose to study abroad with us so that we can help you achieve your dreams of living overseas and pursuing knowledge.


Cost of Studying in Poland

Polish Zloty (PLN) is the currency of Poland .The higher education system in Poland is completely free for all Polish citizens. If you’d like to study for free you can take precisely the same entry examinations as Polish students and take an academic course that is taught in Polish. If you fail to meet the requirements above, you’ll be expected to pay tuition fees. You can expect to pay between PLN 8,500 and 16,000 in a calendar year in a public institution. There aren’t many scholarships available to students from abroad, which means it is not advisable to expect financial assistance. However, it might be worth contacting the university that you are interested in, as they might be able to provide funding.

Poland education consultants kochi



Living expenses will vary based on the place you choose to reside as well as the lifestyle that you decide to live. It is highly recommended to keep an amount of PLN 2,500 per month to cover the cost of living. If you choose to stay in a college apartment, it will likely be cheaper than private apartment. In order to help you with the cost of living, you might be able to secure a part-time job. Students from EU countries are permitted to work without additional authorizations. Students from India and other Non-EU countries may need to apply for authorization to work if they’d like to finish the work using.

Another living cost that students from India and other Non-EU Countries need to have health insurance. If you’re an EHIC-holder, then you don’t have to pay for medical health insurance. EHIC card holders can obtain medical care at no cost, exactly like citizens. Countries such as the UK, Sweden, and Slovakia have a deal with the Polish government, which states that their citizens will have the benefit of healthcare that is free from the country. The Embassy of the region should come up with ways to give information about this particular.


If you’re from another country, you’ll have to buy a medical insurance for the duration of your stay in Poland. It is usually done before leaving your home country or arriving in Poland. If you don’t buy medical insurance, you could be required to cover any medical expenses you need, which can cost much high.


Languages in Poland

In addition to the Kashubian language, a recognized regional language in the country, a variety of minority languages are spoken.

Universities offer English classes at all levels. This is a very common practice. To be admitted to your training program, you will need to prove your proficiency in English if your native language is not English. If you do not meet the requirements, your university may offer English language classes to help you improve. If you contact your university, you can obtain additional information about the requirements.

Even if you’re studying in English, it is recommended that you learn as much Polish as possible. It can be a great way to communicate with natives and international students. This skill will look great on your resume/CV and could be very helpful if your report is accepted for employment.


Courses to Study in Poland
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Medical Science
  • Computer Sciences
  • MBA Programs
  • Management Studies
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Tourism
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Architecture
  • IT etc..
Poland Embassy in India

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland
Nirmal Building 11A, 11th Floor, 241, 242, Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai, India. 400021


Why We are the best Poland Education Consultants in  Kochi Kerala?

We are the best Poland Education Consultants in Kerala for many reasons. We have a team of experienced and well-trained Poland Student Visa experts who can help you with all your queries related to Poland study visas.

We have been providing Poland visa assistance for many years, and have expertise in dealing with Poland Study Visa applications. Our team has helped students from India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries get their study visas for Poland.  We have strong relationships with the Polish educational institutions, which helps us to get your application reviewed quickly by the universities. The country of Poland is a great place to study. . You can experience many benefits like free room, food, and transportation while studying in Poland language schools.  If you are looking for a Poland Education Consultants in Kochi, Ernakulam, Aluva, Angamaly, Thrissur, Kottayam and other cities in Kerala, Contact us for more details about Poland Study Visa Support  in Kerala.

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