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Are you looking for Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala ? Malta is a small European country with a population of about 450,000 people.  It is also one of the most popular destinations for Indian students studying abroad because it is easy to get a student visa. The country is known for its high standard of living and excellent education system. It also has some very prestigious universities, such as the University of Malta and University College Malta, among the top 10 in Europe. This article baout Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala will help you understand the Malta Study visa procedures, Admission requirements, Part time jobs and IELTS Requirements tec.


About Malta

Malta is a country in the Mediterranean Sea. It has been an island nation and an independent nation since 1964. Malta is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency. Malta offers international students a wide range of courses, including business, law, engineering, tourism management, and more. There are also courses for students who want to learn the Maltese language or culture. The cost of living in Malta is relatively low, which makes it an affordable place to study abroad.


Due to its location between Africa and Europe, Malta has a warm climate most of the year with very little rainfall or snowfall – something that many Europeans come to appreciate when relocating there for study purposes.

Why Study in Malta?


The benefits of studying in Malta are many. The first and foremost reason is the country’s cultural heritage, which includes an impressive history of having been under imperial rule by the Romans, Byzantines, and Genoese. The Maltese have kept their traditional architecture and art forms alive throughout history. This also applies to food — Maltese cuisine boasts local delicacies like Tar-tar (originally a dried fish). Another area that many people take advantage of when studying in Malta is its exceptional beaches and scenery.

Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala Kochi

The Benefits of Studying in Malta include:

  • A bustling cultural scene with history, museums, art, and heritage.
  • Friendly local people eager to meet newcomers from abroad and show them around the island.
  • Abundant nature.
  • Warm temperatures year-round.
  • Excellent teaching facilities.


If you’re considering studying in Malta, you may wonder what life as a student here in Malta. Not only will the cost of living be much lower than in the U.K., but living and studying here are also better suited to international students – with many local students choosing to study in Malta. Studying in Malta is a fast and convenient way for you to explore another country and culture. You can widen your horizons beyond the obvious choices with a diverse range of programs.


Cost of Studying in Malta

Malta uses Euro (EUR) as its currency.

The cost of lodging in Malta will depend on the city you’re located in, the route you choose, the institution’s location, etc. If you’re a student from the EU/EEA area, you won’t be charged the cost of tuition for full-time bachelor’s-level classes. For EU students who want to study at a postgraduate level, the tuition will be the same as that of Maltese students. You will have to pay tuition fees if you’re from another nation. It is normal to consider your tuition between EUR1100 to EUR6,000 annually.


The costs of living in Malta are pretty similar to other European countries. If you decide to reside in a bigger city, there will be higher prices than in smaller cities or towns. Generally, you should be ready to pay between EUR500 and EUR1000/month. This account can be used for lodging as well as supermarkets and travel.

Another expense to take into consideration could be health insurance. If you’re an EHIC card holder, you’ll be able to enjoy the same health benefits as Maltese citizens for the same amount. You’ll require health insurance if you’re not an EHIC card holder. If you already hold valid health insurance, you may ensure it’s legal and valid in Malta. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll need to purchase an insurance plan applicable for the duration of your education in Malta.


Part Time Jobs for Students

International students are permitted to work part time while studying in Malta. As an English speaking country there are also plenty of opportunities for Indian students to work part-time while studying if you need extra money! An International student in Malta is permitted to work an internship that can last a maximum 20 hours per week during the time they study. Students aren’t allowed to work for the initial 90-day stay in Malta during his study period.

Malta Student Visa  Process

Based on the country region you’re from, you’ll require a visa to review your report in Malta. Students from India and other countries that are not part of the EU/EEA will require a visa to enter Malta. Non-EU/EEA students need to obtain a visa regardless of the duration of their stay with an e-residence document. The application for the visa can be completed at the consulate or embassy in India for Indian students.


Languages of Malta

Maltese, Maltese Sign Language and English are the official language of Malta. About 85% of the population speaks English. The courses in Malta are available in English and other languages. However, some educational institutions, such as the University of Malta, offer courses exclusively in English. If you decide to study in a non-native language, you could be required to present proof of your language proficiency.



Universities in Malta offer an array of fields of study, from Medicine to Business Management to Agriculture, from Architecture to Mathematics to Law. Below are the major study programs available in Malta.


  • Arts & Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Medical Science
  • Computer Sciences
  • MBA Programs
  • Management Studies
  • Tourism
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  •  IT etc..


malta education consultants kochi

Top Universities in Malta for International Students

In line with following the model of the British school system of education, colleges in Malta provide an international standard of education, attracting many students each year. With unique and intense bachelor’s and master’s programs, below are some of the best universities in Malta where you can study.

  • University of Malta
  • American University of Malta
  • STC University
  • Advenio eAcademy
  • London School of Commerce Malta
  • St Martin’s Institute of Higher Education
  • QMUL Malta


Popular Courses & Cost of Study in Malta

Malta is famous for its tourism, but it also houses many of the top universities. It is the perfect place for studying for those who want to study while enjoying nature while doing so. Numerous universities and colleges offer various classes in Malta. Here are a few most prestigious colleges and the courses they provide:


Top 5 Universities to study in Malta with or without IELTS

What if you could be a part of the top universities without worrying about getting those IELTS bands? Many universities offer courses that are not IELTS-compliant all over the globe.


Given below a list of the top 5 universities in Malta to study at Malta with no IELTS

  1. American University of Malta
  2. Global College of Malta
  3. MCAST
  4. London School of Commerce
  5. Learn Key Institute


Eligibility to Study in Malta for International Students

If you are applying to the University of your Choice to study in Malta, There are certain documents you’ll be required to submit to support your application. Here’s the list of admissions requirements that you should be able to provide when submitting your application for study in Malta:


Undergraduate Programs in Malta 
  • Certificate of senior secondary school or graduation from high school
  • Transcripts and Mark sheets for Higher Secondary.
  • One year of successful completion of College education (any certificate or diploma program)
  • The proof of English proficiency through submission of test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL and others.
  • SOP and LORs are also required.
Postgraduate Programs in Malta 
  • Provisional certification from your previous institution of study from which you earned your bachelor’s degree.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • The proof of English proficiency through submission of IELTS test scores or TOEFL.
  • LOR and SOP are needed


Note: The admission requirements mentioned above are only for indication purposes. For the detailed admission criteria, students are encouraged to contact the respective Malta University to they want to apply.


Malta Embassy in India

N-60, Panchsheel Park, South Delhi, Pincode 110017 India.
Official Website:


Why are we the best Malta Education consultants in Kerala?

We are a team of experienced Malta Education consultants in Kochi, Kerala. As the leading Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala Kochi , we are known for providing the best solutions to all Study in Malta education-related queries. We have extensive knowledge of the various schools in Malta and understand what kind of students each school is looking for. Our Study in Malta consultants in Kochi Ernakulum and other parts of Kerala can help you to find the right school, College or university in Malta which matches your needs and requirements.

We hope you have learned some insights about study abroad programs in Malta and educational institutions in Malta that offer educational programs for Indian students. If you’re planning to join a Malta university but are unsure how to start; the experts at Study Abroad Kochi can assist with choosing a university, Visa formalities, Application procedure and education loan etc. Our Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala are here to help throughout all stages of the process. what do you have to be waiting for?  Contact us today and schedule Your FREE Study abroad Consultation Now!


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