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Malta Job Consultancy in Kerala.

Malta is one of the famous countries for job seekers from Kerala looking for a career abroad, especially in Europe. The job availability for qualified nurses and other medical professionals, IT Sector, Financial sectors and skilled and non-skilled job availability in different sectors in various companies make Malta a top European destination for Kerala job aspirants. As English is widely spoken in this Island nation, the country is a favourite for job seekers. For more information about the job vacancies, consult a Malta Job Consultancy in Kerala Kochi or get in touch with the Malta Recruitment Agencies in Kerala.


Skilled & Unskilled Job Vacancies in Malta

Malta attracts Indian workers looking for skilled and unskilled jobs with decent salaries and quality of life. Skilled job vacancies in Malta include health care workers like registered nurses, ANM Nurses and Care home staff, Software Engineers, Heavy drivers and Qualified Accounting professionals. Semi-skilled job openings have light drivers; account assistants. Unskilled job categories are mainly labour categories like Helpers, Loaders, Security guards, restaurant workers, delivery workers etc.  Skilled jobs require qualification and experience. Semi-skilled and unskilled workers do not need any university degree or specific qualifications but should be able to meet the job requirements.

Jobs in Malta without experience

Malta is one of the few countries in Europe that offers jobs for unskilled inexperienced people. Several positions in Malta are offered to people who have yet to gain any particular skill or experience. However, some job categories like a Tour guide and customer care staff may require English language knowledge. If you belong to the categories of semi-skilled, unskilled or fresh job applicants, it is always better to search the job vacancies through friends and network with local employers. You can also seek the help of Malta job recruitment agencies for job vacancies and other processes.


List of Jobs in Malta without Experience

Below are some jobs available in Malta that does not require any previous experience.

  • Delivery workers
  • Content writers
  • Package workers
  • Security guards
  • Tour guides
  • Helpers
  • Construction workers
  • Restaurant workers
  • Helpers etc.,


Malta Job Consultancy in Kerala.

How to Apply for Jobs in Malta in Kerala?

The first thing you need to do is to prepare a CV highlighting your qualification, work experience and aptitude. If you have any friends or relatives working in Malta, you can ask them to find a suitable job for you through their connections and networking. Your online presence, especially on job sites like LinkedIn, will help you quickly find a job in Malta. The other option is to contact the Malta Recruitment agencies in Kochi that deal with Malta Jobs and recruitment. If you are not experienced, some companies may offer you an internship or apprenticeship without a fixed salary for a period. Some companies may be looking for an internship and provide permanent positions after a specific period or contract. So grab the best one until you get some experience before trying for the best offers.

For details about Malta Job Recruitment in Kerala  send your enquiry now.


Average Salary in Malta

The average salary varies depending on the field, experience, qualification, etc. However, the gross salary in Malta ranges from $20000 to $25000. Highly skilled workers like software engineers and finance professionals earn much more. The best thing about Malta for job seekers is its low cost of living. Also, Malta offers social security, free education for children, and tax incentives, making it one of the best places in Europe for workers from Non-EU Nations.


Malta Job Vacancy for Nurses

The nursing profession is included in the shortage job list in Malta as many hospitals in Malta require nurses to fill their vacancies of nurses. As the demand for qualified healthcare professionals increased worldwide after the Covid -19 pandemic, job opportunities for nurses in the health sector in Malta have increased everywhere. In short, qualified staff nurses from India and other courtiers outside the EU have many job opportunities in Malta’s healthcare sector. Apart from the staff nurse vacancies, there are several nursing jobs available in Malta, like nursing assistants, care home nurses, and Auxiliary nursing staff.


Steps to become a Registered Nurse in Malta

To become a registered nurse in Malta, Indian nurses should have a nursing qualification approved by the Indian Nursing council, preferably a GNM Diploma or BSc Nursing degree with a minimum of one year of experience and a minimum score of 5.5 IELTS. If you meet the above criteria, you can apply for nursing jobs in Malta through any Malta Nurses recruitment agencies in Kerala or any company that offer Malta Jobs in Kerala. Contact the Nurses recruitment agencies in Kerala to know about the requirements to become a nurse in Malta.


General Requirements for Nurses in Malta 

  • Should have passed GNM/BSc Nursing Course
  • Must have a minimum one year of experience
  • Must have a minimum 5.5 score in IELTS exam
  • Nurses should have a State or Indian nursing council registration.


Malta Job Recruitment – FAQ

Is Malta providing PR to Indians?
Like other applicants from Non-EU countries, Indians are also eligible to apply for PR in Malta if they meet the PR requirements.

Can Indians get an easy job in Malta?
Indian healthcare workers like nurses and software engineers get jobs in Malta quickly. Other categories are drivers and care home workers etc.

What is the cost of a Malta work visa?
Malta Work visa application fee for Indians is approx INR 25000

Do Indian Nationals require a visa to travel to Malta?
Yes, Indian citizens require a visa to travel to Malta.

Malta Visa Application Center in Kerala

If you are looking for Malta Embassy in Kerala or the nearest Malta Consulate for more information regarding Malta jobs or the Malta Visa application process, you can email at or Call Malta Embassy in India at 011- 4767 4900 or Visit Malta Embassy India Website


Role of Malta Job Consultancy in Kerala

Whether looking for a nursing job, a career in IT, or unskilled jobs in Malta, it is always better to contact an experienced Malta Job Consultancy in Kerala for guidance.

Malta Work permit Agents in Kerala can guide you about the job vacancies, salary, documentation, work permit rules, and visa process involved in getting a job in Malta. You can contact us for Malta career opportunities if you need guidance about Malta jobs in Kerala.

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For more information about Malta Jobs in Kerala  send your enquiry now.


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